Arsenic in your fruit juice?

I saw on the Today show this morning a segment warning people about arsenic in grape and apple juice.  Although they didn’t mention any brands by name (fear of a defamation suit, I suppose), they did hint that it was “major brands.”

Apparently Dr. Oz hired a lab to do some research a few months ago, and they found higher than expected levels of arsenic in commercially prepared grape and apple juice.  The segment said that Dr. Oz took a little heat for it.  Now Consumer Reports has also done research on the issue and found the same results.  That is, inorganic arsenic, a known carcinogen was present in higher levels than the law allows for drinking water.

The FDA, however, says we shouldn’t worry though because anything lower than 23 parts per billion is okay in juices.  However, in drinking water, the level must be lower than 10 parts per billion.  Why the difference in “tolerable” levels, you ask?  The FDA says that it is because people drink less juice than water.  Could it also be that the FDA is getting money from the juice industry?

My suggestion to all of you is to stop buying juice from the store and start making it yourself.  About a year ago, I bought the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer for $100.  The apple juice I make is WAY better than store bought.   The juice I make is not as clear looking as what you get in the store, but that’s a good thing.  The reason why the juice in the store is clear is because it is pasteurized.  That kills off most of the vitamins and good stuff in the juice.  Not to mention that my apple juice tastes way better.

Do yourself and your family a favor and invest in a juicer and start juicing your own fruits and vegetables (preferably organic).  Or, you can trust the FDA to protect you when it tells you that a little bit of arsenic is okay in your juice.


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2 Responses to “Arsenic in your fruit juice?”

  1. CJ Says:

    The apple juice is good, but I wouldn’t drink any of my husbands concoctions!

  2. Wanda Says:

    I was really upset when I heard this for the first time on the news. Here we are thinnikg that we are giving our kids something that is good for them and instead it could be causing them serious long-term damage. What is a parent to do? Is there nothing safe anymore? I for one am sticking with filtered water (and even that worries me with all the chlorine and God knows what!).

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