Rock Stars: A Hotbed of Illegal Activity

motley_crue_-_1989_dr_feelgoodI just put the finishing touches on my latest Continuing Legal Education (CLE) presentation for the Arkansas Bar Association. It’s called “Rock Stars:  A Hotbed of Illegal Activity” and will be held in Little Rock on April 11th.

This is the “sequel” to the CLE I did last year involving country music stars.  It was such a huge success, that I was asked to do this follow-up.  Essentially, the way it works is this:  I show a rock music video to the audience of lawyers and we identify and discuss all of the legal issues presented in the video.  It’s a fun way to sharpen our legal analysis skills.

As always, I learned a few new things myself while preparing this CLE presentation.  For any lawyer out there who dreads going to CLE, you definitely need to come check this one out.  Just go to the Arkansas Bar Association’s website and sign up from there.  Who says you can’t have fun while you learn?


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