Family Law

At Bailey Law Firm, we are experts in the area of family law, which includes divorce, adoption, child custody & support.


Adopting a child is a beautiful and joyous time for any parent, and having an experienced attorney is necessary for a smooth process. The last thing that you want when adopting a child is to have legal disputes, which can happen if the adoption process was not handled correctly. At Bailey Law Firm, our experience will ensure that you can enjoy the adoption process worry-free. We explain adoption laws to our clients in a simple manner so that you understand your rights throughout the entire adoption process.

Child Custody & Support

We offer child custody and support services where our goal is to minimize the complex issues that come with custody cases. We also offer child custody mediation, where we work as a neutral third-party to help parents work together to find the best living situation for their children. We also know that mediation doesn’t always work, in complex cases, so we are dedicated to negotiating custody arrangements to have the best outcomes for you and your children.


We know that getting a divorce is difficult for families as it is. At Bailey Law Firm we are there to work with you to provide the expertise and support you need. Throughout the whole process, we will work with you one-on-one to identify the best method to bring about an effective case resolution. We will prepare you for every aspect of your case and assist you with all the documents you need to make the process as simple as possible.

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